Welcome to Body of Change and Dance Movement Psychotherapy

My name is Jacqueline Butler and I have been practicing as a registered DMP for  19 years working with those who are experiencing emotional distress, physical or mental illness as well as those wanting to change and develop for personal growth (including ‘Can’t Dance? You Can!) reasons. I have also developed an extensive practice within the care sector, working with those with mental health issues, the elderley with dementia and adults with learning disabilities. I have been a visiting lecturer on Dance Movement Psychotherapy MA training programs for the last 4 years.  I am co-editor of the book ‘Dance Movement Psychotherapy with People with Learning Disabilities’.

What is Dance Movement Psychotherapy?

DMP is a creative therapy using the body in movement to express, understand and/change patterns of thinking and behaviour.  It is based on the principle that movement reflects an individual’s patterns of thinking, feeling and communicating.

Expressing through the body along with talking and / or listening to and embodying experiences,  can lead to new insights about oneself.

Working with a trusted professional in a private confidential space, allows for understanding and the possibility of change in oneself and in relation to others. DMP’s are registered with the Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK & are required to apply for an annual ‘license to practise’, abide by a code of ethics and practices, have regular supervision, continuing professional development and to hold suitable professional insurance.