Individual therapy sessions in London, Supervision and Training with Jacqueline Butler

My name is Jacqueline Butler and I offer individual sessions in London W10, I have been practising as a dance/ movement/ psychotherapist since 1998 and work with clients who are struggling with all kinds of personal, emotional and psychological difficulties and life issues. I am a registered member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and The Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy (ADMP), which issues my License to Practice in the UK.

The reasons for seeking psychotherapy are very varied.   My approach is to bring in the wisdom of the body to help with thinking, understanding and moving through and on from whatever brings you to psychotherapy. How much talking and / or awareness of the whole body and / movement is led by how much you feel comfortable with. I believe that connection with ourselves in our bodies gives us a different experience of ourselves and from here, we can change.

What areas do I work with?

I have worked with a very wide range of mental health, psychiatric, learning disabilities issues over the years.  Much of the individual work has been in the following areas:



Mental Health issues



This is not a finite list, as people come to therapy with many problems and struggle with different issues at various times of their life.

To book an initial appointment:

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