man-dancingAs with verbal psychotherapy, with Dance Movement Psychotherapy, the relationship between the therapist and yourself is important   Building trust and an environment of safety allows the conditions for self-exploration and the potential for change.

What happens in a session?

Sessions last for one hour at a time.

We address whatever you bring to the session.

The amount and type of movement and talking we do, depends on what suits you and seems best at the time.  The movement in a session can range from the flexing of a hand to an improvised burst of energy to being led through some movements. 

There is not an expectation of performance or doing the  movements correctly.  The aim to allow your body to ‘speak’, connecting to your feelings and emotions and increasing your body awareness.

How it works?

Contact me to arrange an assessment session where we can both decide if it seems that Dance Movement Psychotherapy with me could be useful.  If we go ahead, there follows 3/4 sessions to give some time to establish the aims of the work together.  Sessions are weekly.   Sessions cost £70.